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short_tilted_csa2Hidden Villa’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Internship is a farmer-training program.  Interns are engaged as part of a residential farm crew of four working on every aspect of operating our five-acre diversified, organic, direct marketing farm. We work together on all of the planning, planting, tractor work, field work, irrigation, weeding, harvesting, packaging, delivery, and sales of the food we grow for a 130 member CSA, one farmers’ market, and donations to the local food bank.  The ideal candidate for the CSA internship is someone who has had a taste of farming experience and has a developing passion for small-scale growing.  This internship is meant to provide the background, support, education, and network to help start new farms.  Our journeyman intern is typically an experienced first year intern that remains at Hidden Villa with greater responsibilities and more skill building.