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We currently offer organically-fed, pasture-raised pork and poultry, grass-fed and finished lamb, and fresh eggs. Our pork and lamb are processed at a small, USDA-approved facility by butchers we trust, and special laws around poultry allow us to harvest our birds humanely right here on the farm. All of our products are antibiotic free and come from healthy animals raised with an eye toward land stewardship and animal welfare. We think the intentionality and transparency around the food we raise makes it something worth celebrating; we hope you think so too!

Our meat and eggs can be purchased year-round through our online store for pick up at our farm stand. We offer a full range of products—from roasts to sausage, ribs to chops, even livers, hearts, and feet! In addition to online sales, we host seasonal open barn sales on the farm, and operate a stall at the Los Altos Farmers’ Market every Thursday evening from 4-8pm May through September. Our farmers’ market stall also features Hidden Villa’s certified organic produce, and is a great way to get to know your farmers and your food. 

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