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Reaching Multi-cultural awareness through shared experience!

Thank you for your interest in Hidden Villa Summer Camp! Applications are now open for Summer 2018 Staff. Check out descriptions of available positions here!

Are you looking for an amazing job opportunity? If so we invite you to become a staff member at Hidden Villa Summer Camp. Hidden Villa is located on the East side of the Santa Cruz Mountains, 45 min south of San Francisco. Hidden Villa offers campers the opportunity to explore our farm and wilderness preserve while learning about social and environmental justice, and develop a better understanding of multiculturalism.

Hidden Villa is committed to diversity in the workplace. People of color, LGBTQQ and multilingual people are encouraged to apply.


Please contact with any questions or concerns.


Why work for Hidden Villa?

A rewarding experience.Working as Hidden Villa’s summer staff you will help create shared experience for youth from different racial and economic backgrounds, which will build a new foundation of friendship and understanding.  You will teach campers about the farm, natural world and give them the skill to bring about change in their communities. This is not just another summer job, it is a job that impacts the world.

Build your resume. Many don’t realize that working at a summer camp can help prepare you for your career. You will build experience that will help begin your career as a Teacher, Social worker, Naturalist, Psychologist, Nurse, or Doctor… as well as develop skills that future employers will see as quality, such as:

  •  Problem Solving: Whether it’s conflict resolution with campers or logistics of planning the evening activity, you will learn to think creatively and empathize with different view points.
  • Organizational Skills: Caring for a group of campers, teaching activities, farm chores the list goes on. All will help you work on time management, group management, logistical planning and interpersonal response.
  • Public Speaking: Develop your confidence in teaching and presentation with a forgiving audience who will look up to you no matter what.
  • Responsibility: Caring for a group of children shows that you are trustworthy, hard working and motivated.
  • Collaborative Process: Learning to work collaboratively is more than teamwork; it is being an active part of a decision made for the betterment of the community. Learning to evaluate the whole group’s needs and working together to achieve a selfless product.
  • Curriculum Development: You will teach your own activities daily which will help you to refine your planning and presentation skills.
  • Supervisory Skills: Whether you are a counselor or Leadership Team member, you will have the experience of positively motivating individuals to work together to achieve a common goal.

Can I complete an internship while I am employed at summer camp?

Hidden Villa is a great place to work on an internship in many different fields of study. Talk to your academic advisor about specific requirements at your school and then contact us for more information.

Volunteer Internships

Summer Camp Volunteer Internships are a great way to build your resume and give back to your community! Help check-in campers, provide administrative office support, and then head out in to camp to take photos of the action. Our volunteers are critical to the overall success and historical documentation of camp. Come be a part of our team!

You will gain valuable hands-on experience that is great for college applications, resume building, letters of recommendation or that feel-good experience that comes with volunteering in your community.

If you are interested in volunteering in the summer camp office, please fill out our volunteer application or email for more information.