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Hidden Villa Summer Camp is accredited by American Camp Association. This is a nationwide accreditation program that focuses on health, safety and risk management practices as well as program quality. It is assurance that our summer camp program is following the best practices of industry-accepted and government recognized standards.



If your youth has a life threatening allergy, please be sure to note it on the health form in your Welcome Packet and discuss it with your program head or the camp nurse during camp check-in. If your camper has a food allergy or more specific food needs, please contact the camp office to see if we can accommodate your youth's needs.



Our goal is for every child to have a safe, positive camp experience. We define safe in physical, emotional and social terms. Behavior that affects another camper’s experience in a negative way is not acceptable. Counselors are trained to help campers work together as a group, and will intervene if another camper or group of campers’ behavior is unsafe.

If the behavior continues, a director becomes involved. We will call the parents of the misbehaving camper if the director’s intervention does not result in changed behavior. In severe cases, we will send a child home if they cannot act in a way that is appropriate for camp. Because counselors cannot possibly see everything, encourage your child to talk to his/her counselor if another camper is picking on them when the counselor is not in the immediate area. Assure your child that counselors are trained to handle these situations in a confidential manner.


Food at Camp

At Hidden Villa Summer Camp, we are committed to providing our campers with healthy food choosing organic products when they are available. Each food item ordered from our vendors is vetted to assure it meets our high standard criteria. We reference the Harvard Healthy Plate as we develop our menu each session, ensuring that every meal will be healthy and diverse for campers. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options are always available. If your camper has a food allergy or more specific food needs, please contact the camp office to see if we can accommodate your youth's needs.

Gender Identity

We support an individual's right to keep sex assigned at birth confidential and will make housing placements based on expressed gender identity if the youth is in a program with segregated sleeping arrangements.


Housing at Camp

At Hidden Villa, we strongly believe that camp is an opportunity for youth to build relationships and learn to work with people difference than themselves. To this end, both staff and campers work to ensure that our spaces are inclusive to people of all identities. As a result, gender neutral bathrooms are readily available or available by request in all common spaces and all of our outdoor sleeping spaces are non-gendered, unless otherwise stated, allowing youth to grow as a welcoming community and, ultimately, improving their camp experience.


Mandated Reporter

As an organization that works with youth, Hidden Villa Camp staff are Mandated Reporters. This means that Hidden Villa Camp Counselors are required by law to report any suspicion of child abuse (physical, emotional, or neglect), whether it be an extreme or minor situation. Every summer, camp staff participates in a two hour training taught by an official trainer for Santa Clara County, on their legal responsibility as a Mandated Reporter, what the various forms of child abuse can look like, and how to respond in the event they have a suspicion of abuse. This is a responsibility we take very seriously and we always act with the best interest of the child in mind.



Over-the-counter medications may be given to your child by our Camp Nurse at our Health Hut. Please be sure to fill out your child’s Health Form (in our Welcome Packet) completely and accurately.

All medications will be checked in on the first day of camp during our check-in process. Be sure to bring medications in their original containers. Please double check that it has not expired; we can not accept expired medication.

All medication should be stored in a clear plastic Ziplock bag labeled with the camper’s full name. You will be asked to fill out a Medication Form with clear instructions for use. This form is available in your Welcome Packet and at check-in. Rescue medications, such as inhalers and Epi-pens, can be placed in a separate Ziplock bag and kept with the camper’s counselor.



A camp nurse is onsite throughout the summer to attend to any medical needs. Overnight campers, with their adults, check in with the nurse upon arrival. At that time, adults have the opportunity to discuss special medical needs, allergies, medications, and any other health issues with the nurse before they leave their child at camp. The nurse is also available to speak to parents throughout the session regarding any concerns they may have.


Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is surrounded by a fence and kept locked when not in use. Swimming is permitted only at times approved by the camp director(s) and in the presence of a certified lifeguard. Ratios, approved by the American Camp Association, are maintained at all times.