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Writing Contest Winners!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this writing contest.  We encourage participants to continue writing, visiting the farm, and sharing your voices with your friends, family, and the community. Keep an eye out for more writing contests in the near future. We had a lot of fun with this and hope you did, too. Happy reading and writing!


The Hidden Villa Oasi

By Mihika B., 8th grade

My mother, sister, and I arrived at Hidden Villa at nine o clock on a Saturday morning, for sheep shearing. It was a sunny day, with a few clouds, so quite chilly in the shade. We came prepared with jackets, backpacks, and snacks, but didn’t expect to stay until twelve o clock. After all, how long can you watch a sheep being sheared?


We followed a sheep signpost, and came upon a little field, with a crowd of onlookers surrounding the fence. As we neared the field, we noticed a small black and white dog, almost completely hidden by the tall grass, chasing the sheep – a sheepdog! There was a lady with a hat and a stick, telling the sheepdog where to herd the sheep. The sheep were stumbling and tripping over each other to obey the Scottish collie’s command! They ran round and round in circles, and then back to the lady, with the sheepdog on their tail. (But they never lost their tails; they always came back wagging behind them!). All of them looked so amiable and eager to please that they could have been pets. Once, when the lady told the sheepdog to herd the sheep into the pen, the sheep were rather overenthusiastic, and broke a side off of the pen as they ran into it. There was a roar of laughter from the audience as the sheep ran out with the side of the pen still clinging to their backs, and didn’t even try to shake it off! Such obedience!

We noticed one particular sheep, which was smaller than the others, but with strong leadership aspirations. It never got cowed down by the bigger, heftier, fluffier, sheep; instead, it always managed to have its head in front of all the others, leading the herd. We called him the snacker, because the first time we noticed him, he was chewing on some grass with such a blissful and contented smile on his face!

Soon, it was time for the sheep to be sheared. We tore ourselves away from the sheep and went over to watch. The first sheep protested vehemently to getting a haircut. It had to be dragged over by the ears, and it baaed and bleated loudly, as if the world was ending and it was going to die, just like my little sister Lavu does before a haircut! After a few minutes it realized it wasn’t going to get hurt, and got used to the feeling. It looked quite comical as they sheared it, hanging almost upside down, with its ears flopping out, and a thick coat of wool hanging off it’s back!

I felt calm and peaceful as I watched the sheep, with the blue sky over my head, and the hills around me. It was as if I was in a different world – the serene world that I had read about and only imagined until then, in the books by James Herriot. This world had come to life for me, here in Hidden Villa, inspiring me to return time and again. But I also realize that this world is fast disappearing. Hidden Villa is like an oasis in the Silicon Valley desert. Outside, life is full of sports, classes, school, homework, driving, rush rush rush rush rush. My visits to Hidden Villa have helped me build a closer connection with nature, reminding me how easy it is for us to forget this world amidst all the construction in Silicon Valley. Do we stand in danger of losing this utopia?

My Moment at Hidden Villa

 By Sudipti D., Grade 2

Hi, I was a future farmer before and I want to share my time with you. I’m going to tell my story from beginning to end. First, we fed the cows which was super cool! then we went inside from back to see more cows. They are the size of monsters and giants from my height. we get to touch the sheep and lambs also, there are two twin lambs which were just born .


Next, we went to the chicken coops and pig barn. the fun part is taking out eggs and putting them in a basket. the sad thing is sometimes the chickens peck their eggs and they break their eggs.

the farmers put sticks so they can rest. We also learned that the chickens lay eggs and make strange noises I never heard before. we also went outside where chickens run freely. I get to touch and hold them for long time. I even saw one of them had an injury so, farmer's had to take him to the feeding and to sleeping area. I felt sad for him. one of the pigs had so many piglets and they are so cute but not that furry. The mom pig was giant and huge looking. Same as the other two pigs. but they did not have piglets with them. Not to mention that there was an limit that pigs could give birth to twenty four piglets. But Rarely a pig can also give birth to just one. the funny part is that there was a pigeon among chickens which thought itself was a chicken !!! . We couldn't touch or feed the ram because the ram was too dangerous & aggressive. Also when the ram was young they cut his tail and that is because when he grow up it might hurt. Also they cut it’s tail and one of the reason is because when the ram goes poop the poop sticks on the rams tail. And that will cause a bad thing to the ram. And we went to goat's to touch and feed, also we fed the lamb's. We put the milk to one of the metal bucket's , Just like farmer's get milk from cow's it's the same thing to goat's. We took the milk & put it into a bottle just like I said in the other paragraph then we fed the lamb's we played with the lamb's. Also I did not mention this but when I was playing with the lamb they jumped & if they do it they were little they might jump on someone when they grow big. Then we came back to the sheep's and spent a little -bit time with them. Not to mention that this was two hour's. THE END. All in all I would like to visit “hidden villa” future farmer's again! One day I teach everybody how to take care of animals.

My Moment at Hidden Villa

By Aditi D., Grade 2







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Guest - Mary on Monday, 04 May 2015 11:20

I love these stories, I love that the writers write so well, I can really see what they saw and feel what they experienced! Excellent writing, and the love for Hidden Villa is so strong in their descriptions.

I love these stories, I love that the writers write so well, I can really see what they saw and feel what they experienced! Excellent writing, and the love for Hidden Villa is so strong in their descriptions.