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Science and Nature Videos

Welcome to Hidden Villa’s Science and Nature Videos Series!

To assist educators in teaching science concepts we have developed 30 short videos that can help build students' life science knowledge and retention.  Each video is a demonstration of a standard from the new NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS, but you can use them right now with your current curriculum.

Teachers can use these short videos to:

  • Introduce a concept
  • Get students excited to learn about science
  • Stimulate class discussion and exploration
  • Show students real world examples 

You can search all 30 video titles by selecting "Show All" in the box below. You can also search by science standard or keyword such as: animals, seeds, plant parts, adaptations, environment, decomposers, habitats, microhabitats, structure and function, interdependence, metamorphosis, erosion, cycles, conservation, energy transfer. 

We welcome your feedback.

These videos were made possible by a generous gift from the Cisco Foundation.