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Development Internship

Each of the internships are 9 - 12 months long and there are varied start dates for each, depending on the seasonality of the department. Check out the positions below to see when we begin posting openings, our timeline for interviews, the start dates of individual positions, and a Day in the Life of some of these positions.

Agricultural Internship Positions

Journeyman Farmer Internship 
one position available

Farming Internship 
two positions available

Animal Husbandry Internship 
one position available

Environmental Education Internship Positions

 Youth Development Internship
one position available

  • Working with 6th-12th graders
  • Posted in January
  • Interviews in February
  • Starts June with Summer Camp

Community Programs Internship(Now Accepting Applications)
two positions available

Environmental Education Internship (Now Accepting Applications)

six positions available

Non-Profit Leadership Internship Positions


Visitor Engagement Internship
one position available

  • Posted in March
  • Interviews in March & April
  • Starts September 

Development Internship (Now Accepting Applications)
one position available

  • Posted in April
  • Interviews in April & May
  • Starts June