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Leaving a Legacy at Hidden Villa

This month we are excited to spotlight a member of the Hidden Villa community, Dan Quinn, who has generously decided to include us in his planned giving portfolio. Dan and served on the Board of Trustees in the ‘90s and is has been an Environmental Education guide for almost 15 years.

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“I chose to give a portion of my estate to Hidden Villa Summer Camp and other good causes because I want to pass something on. I feel I have a responsibility and an opportunity to do something for others, to make this a better world, to pay forward the many advantages and chances for happiness I have had.

My connection with Hidden Villa began years ago when we sent our daughter to Camp. She returned summer after summer, progressing from camper to counselor trainee to staff to one of the heads of the day camp. Camp changed her life. She became interested in social justice and conservation. She has made a career in education, specifically working with young children. She has founded preschools, for families from a range of social and economic situations and today directs a preschool she founded: Centro Las Olas in San Francisco’s Mission District. It has a broad scholarship policy, parent involvement, and is conducted entirely in Spanish. I am happy and proud of the life she has made. Hidden Villa had an impact in this.

I chose to specify Hidden Villa Summer Camp through my investment because of its deep roots and lasting influence. While serving on the board, I saw the fragility of the long-term financial model for Camp. Central to Camp is the premise that people from all walks of life, all economic conditions, all races and backgrounds are welcome. This requires a large scholarship fund. For my legacy, I want to give to something that will have a lasting impact. Camp scholarships will have this lasting benefit – for all the campers, whether or not they get a scholarship themselves.

Hidden Villa has a special place in my heart for many years. I admire Frank and Josephine Duveneck for their dedication to the benefit of others and the world. Their inspiring gift to found, nurture, and continue Hidden Villa and many of its programs has made a big difference to the Peninsula and the world.  I’ve seen ripples of good continue to spread from Hidden Villa’s influence: the interns who go on to found or contribute to other social-justice and environmental organizations; the campers who return year after year, and whose lives are enriched and changed by their experiences; the Environmental Education participants who remember, years later, the one trip they made in fourth grade.

Josephine Duveneck used to read to summer campers in the living room of the Duveneck House, after lunch. My daughter was one of these campers. Now some of the campers she taught, or the next generation still, are active in keeping the HV tradition. It feels good to keep this living tradition alive.

We want to thank Dan, again for his investment in Hidden Villa, Summer Camp, and our future generations of leaders and Earth stewards. If you’d like more information about Hidden Villa’s planned giving program, please call the Development Office at (650)949-9702 or email

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