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Donor Spotlight: Rose Cabral

We recently heard from our supporter, Rose Cabral, that she has included Hidden Villa in her estate plan.  Estate gifts typically go towards building Hidden Villa’s modest endowment and are beginning to have a tangible impact on our ability to create a sustainable future of service.  We asked Rose why she has made this decision and would like to share her response:

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Q:  Why did you decide to do put Hidden Villa in your estate plan? 

A:  Hidden Villa is my home away from home. It makes up a huge part of why I am who I am today. Hidden Villa taught me how to compost, one of my camp counselors introduced me to Tracy Chapman’s music for our float night song, I learned how to make strawberry  rhubarb pie, (still my favorite!) and I was able to challenge myself on a hiking adventure to the Pacific Ocean. Hidden Villa has remained a peaceful oasis in a world full of change. Summer camp allowed me to have time for reflection, to break away from the chaos of life and connect with nature, to find out where milkshakes come from, and to challenge my fears in a safe environment. 

Q:  What's your connection to Hidden Villa? 

A:  My grandmother was the first to travel to Hidden Villa via bicycle when she was a student at UC Berkeley. She stayed at the hostel. Many years later I was able to attend Hidden Villa Summer Camp because I was awarded a scholarship.  I attended Hidden Villa for over a decade, moving through Cabin Girls, Vale, Farm and Wilderness, Bay 2 Sea and the Assistant Counselor Training program. Then, I became a counselor for Day Camp, completing the circle.

Q:  What inspires you about the mission? 

A:  I am inspired by the unique and diverse people I have met at camp, many of whom I still keep in contact with today. Camp was a place to come together, have an open mind and an open heart, and learn how, at the end of the day, we are all humans. Many of the people I met at camp are making a positive impact on the world through diverse careers including entrepreneurs, artists, world travelers, teachers, and parents.

Q:  What do you hope your estate gift will accomplish for Hidden Villa and for the mission? 

A:  I would like Hidden Villa to continue to be open to children who would usually not get the opportunity to attend Hidden Villa Summer Camp; children who come from diverse backgrounds, socioeconomic status, and communities around the world. I hope Hidden Villa continues to be a model of sustainability, showing that we can live a simpler, cleaner life. I hope children can continue to experience the magic of Hidden Villa for many generations to come.  

Thank you, Rose.  We are inspired by your commitment to Hidden Villa and grateful for your thoughtful generosity.

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